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SIMPLEX is a Cairo based industrial startup, founded by a team of Egyptian youth, first in Egypt to manufacture computer numerical control (CNC) machines and servicing it especially for automated cutting and engraving of wooden and marble works. Simplex offers industrial solutions to a wide variety of regional manufacturers spanning a number of industries. Since its establishment in 2013, the firm has mainly manufactured CNC router and plasma machines for the Egyptian market by combining quality components with a highly personalized pre- and post-sales experience. Simplex line of business continued its solid growth trajectory throughout the past years, with revenues climbing on quarterly basis, as the diversity of its product portfolio has stood it in good stead, with obtaining the exclusive right to use the products of; 1) Schneider Electric: The European multinational corporation that specializes in energy management, automation solutions, spanning hardware, software, and services, and 2) HSD: The Italian worldwide brand of manufacturing spindle motors, cutting tools and relative machinery accessories with more than 30 years' experience.
Our mission is to effectively contribute in the Egyptian Industrial Development and to push local industries towards innovation and creativity by providing industrial and technological solutions, seeing an opportunity at the Egyptian Economy to recover and to grow.
To implement solutions that lead innovation and inspiration to the industrial sector in Egypt & MENA Region.
To Spread the awareness of the importance of Entrepreneurship phenomenon, reinforcing the required reformations of the industrial sector to locally manufacture the industrial needs in lieu of importing them, as well as deploying the Technology of CNC for what it provides from speed, production rate, and accuracy which are some of the main advantages of CNC machining over conventional machining.

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